Sarah Quigley

Three misfits – close to genius, close to the brink – come together in a desperate love triangle.

When Bright is suddenly catapulted to fame, he can’t cope with the pressure. He decides to end it all by jumping from the 20th floor of a high-rise on his twentieth birthday. But he’s saved by the quirky, eccentric Gibby. Soon the two boys find themselves in a love triangle, vying for the attention of the beautiful, fragile, unreachable Lace.

The three travel from England to a beautiful old spa town in Bavaria. Here, in an experimental psychiatric institution under the colourful Dr Geoffrey, the pressure mounts.

Unflinching, but tender and often humorous, The Suicide Club explores the last taboo in our society – as well as our deep human desire to connect. Why do we feel the need to extinguish our lives? Is it possible to save the people we love?





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The Conductor is a riveting and brilliant blend of fact and fiction. It tells the story of the writing of Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony, its historic and moving performance in besieged Leningrad – and the ambitions and passions of two very different but equally compulsive men.

The Conductor was Number One on the New Zealand Adult Fiction Bestsellers List for 20 weeks, after its publication in 2011. It remained in the top ten for a year.

The novel has been published in the UK, Italy and Germany. Publications for 2013 include Canada, the Czech Republic, France and Turkey. 

The Conductor was awarded the Nielsen BookData New Zealand Booksellers’ Choice Award for 2012.

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The voyeuristic appeal of REAR WINDOW and the storytelling ingenuity of Paul Auster combine in this novel of outstanding lyricism and invention from an award-winning writer.

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‘This is it, thought Lena, as hot blood flowed down her neck and under the collar of her shirt. This is how it feels to be shot.’

In the time it takes for a bullet to travel through her left ear and into the wall of the Ellis Street donut store, Lena – a successful stand-up comedian – has a revelation. That she has never found comedy particularly funny.

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A story of grief and love, told with an extraordinary mix of perceptiveness, delicacy and humour.

‘There is a Soho in London, and one in New York. But not many people know that there is also a Soho in the sky. You can’t see it well from a city – that’s the irony. You have to go far away from the orange glow to get the best view.’



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‘You crunch out of your row to let him sit beside your best friend. His entrance, your exit. You feel a jab somewhere near the heart.

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Robert Danach

Rastlos in Neuseeland...

Als ihr Freund Robert auf tragische Weise ums leben kommt, packt Haley ihre Siebensachen und verlässt London, der Zufall - oder sind es die Sterne? - führt sie nach Neuseeland. Und dort macht sie eine Entdeckung, die ihr Leben endgültig auf den Kof stellen wird...

"Intelligent, Witzig und tiefgehend." AUCKLAND OBSERVER


English original